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Clarity modules for ECOM's devices

The ECOM company develops its own Clarity modules for control and data accquisition from ECOM's devices. These modules are used to direct communication between Clarity and devices via RS232/USB/Ethernet buses (they are not used for A/D boards INT/UPAD ...).

These modules will become a part of std. Clarity installation. Than RECOMMENDED way for their installation is Clarity update to latest version! This integration has some technological delay and we offer latest version of our modules here. This latest version may serve for modules testing, meet the documentation and so on. If you install modules from this page then installation qualification may not be valid. This is reported in IQ protocol and on stations screen by Unauthorized modules warning.

Installation steps:

  • Download ZIP archive.
  • Extract ZIP archive.
  • Copy all files to C:\Clarity\Bin.
  • Versions before 7.2 needs: Execute reg_ecom_modules.bat (as administrator) under C:\Clarity\Bin directory.

Notes: If you want explore modules documentation then execute file *.chm, where * is module name (e.g. CswECP2000.chm).

Download version 20190613

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