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All DAD detectors have numerous self-test functions, such as error messages, which allow easy problem identification and testing. Test SW used in production releases valid production report only for units which met all requirements. Test report contains stored setting parameters, lamp working hours, lamp starting voltage and current, wavelength adjusting accuracy, lamp intensity and many other information. For service purpose is available service SW which allows comfortable units testing and diagnostics, enabling sending diagnostic report to service center easily, helping to simplify and speed up communication with them.

Download v4.95

ECOM VCP Instrument Driver

New ECOM devices (e.g. ECDA2000, ECCM2112, TOY14DAD, ...) offer USB interface. Such interface can behave like Virtual COM Port (VCP) and it removes need of external USB/RS232 converter. Following driver is signed to support this feature on these OS: Win7 (x32, x64), Win8 (x32, x64) and Win8.1 (x32, x64). Win10 supports this feature natively and the driver is not needed.

Download v1.4.0


The utility is used to configure IP settings for converter unit ECCM2112 or devices using this or similar unit (TOY14DAD, BABY18DAD, TOY18DAD, ECDA2800). The unit ECCM behaves like converter between Serial and Ethernet/ USB interface. The USB behaves like VCP (see above driver) and the Ethernet interface can be used directly.

Download v1.3


The utility is used to configure IP settings for unit ORCA2800. The unit ORCA behaves like A/D converter with the Ethernet interface only.

Download v1.6

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