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The ECOMAC is windows application used for controlling of chromatographic process, communication with chromatographic devices and storing data for next evaluation. Application supports variant devices for liquid chromatography such as pumps, detectors, column ovens etc., especially those produced by the company.

Main aspects of application are:

  • Simple usage
  • Support ECOM's units with communication interface
  • General interpretation of devices and measured properties
  • Supporting variant export formats
  • Low hardware requirements for application itself
  • Runnable on Win2000, WinXP, Vista (32, 64), Win7 (32, 64), Win8.x (32, 64), Win10 (32, 64)
  • Application is built for 32bits supporting unicode
  • Open source
  • Languages: English, Czech, Simplified Chinese 

Application is written in C under GPL v2. It is also hosted on server sourceforge.net.

NOTE: The ECOMAC registration license was changed from version 0.260. The license code is attached to serial number of any connected device now. If you have problem with license in new version, please contact vendor.

Download v1.8.3.0
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