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ELSD detectors for HPLC, Flash and preparative chromatography and accessories

ELSD detectors are univerzal detectors which measures sample particles after solvent evaporation by using scattered light. This kind of detection is independent of optical properties of sample in contrast to UV detection. Analyte must be lower volatile than solvent. It is possible to detect compounds without chromophores like: saccharides, lipids, polymers, non-derivatized fat acids and amino acids, oils, surface active compounds, small molecules and unknown compounds whitout information about their structure. Response of detector is depending on quantity and it is mean that detector can be used for quantitative analysis without calibration. It can be used in gradient applications and it not depend on temperature in contrast of RI detectors. Gas generator is neccessary for sample nebulization and evaporation of solvent. Nitrogen or pressure air can be used according to kind of analyte and solvents.

Detector can be used in analytical and preparative HPLC, UHPLC and in Flash chromatography.

Accessories - gas sources, manometers etc.


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