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Cells for detectors TOYDAD and Flash

Flash 10 DADTOYDADFlash06 DAD

Stainless steel cellsPEEK cells

These cells are suited for Flash and TOYDAD detectors.

Preparative cells are produced in four versions with optical path length of 0.1, 0.3, 1.3 and 2.4mm from stainless steel or PEEK. Standardly are the detectors supplied with PLCC15 cell. Upon customer request can the detector be delivered with other cells as you can see below. Cell connection is typically ¼”-28 for 1/8” tubing but can be also UNF10-32 for 1/16” capillaries or 5/16” for 3/16” tubing.

Analytical cells - even though the Flash and TOYDAD detectors were designed for preparative applications, they can be supplied with analytical cells too, but they do not achieve such sensitivity (signal/noise ratio) as classical PDA analytical detector

Among accessories is added a Test cell, which has the same shape as measuring cells, but it does not have any window. It is used for detector testing to detect if there is a problem with mobile phase, cell or with the detector.

Cat. 86180010

Test cell ZK 04

For detectors Flash 06, Topaz, Opal, LCD 2073A, LCD 2083.61 and LCD 2083.7

Cat. 70020040

Test cell ZK 05

For detectors Flash and TOYDAD with analytical cell, further also for Opal, LCD 2070, LCD 2071.2 and LCD 2071.3


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