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UV-VIS Detectors with optical connectors

ECOM produce variants of detectors for external cell connecting. The cell is connected using fiber optic cable with SMA connectors.

This solution is used if the special cell is located at working unit (for example by ITP) or if the cell is located in explosive or contaminated area.

Detector has to be placed outside of explosion hazard environment. It is not only by safety, but because of detector service which may needs additional equipment. Length of fiber optics cables has to be determined before installation (cables are not part of delivery, they are ordered separately).

ATTENTION, NEWS! Thanks to new technical solution are now all versions of Flash detectors, even Flash 10, available also with adapter for external cell connection by optical cables with SMA connectors.

Each ECOM's detector which contains EX in name is equiped with SMA connectors. EX means Externall cell connection.

SMA connector on ECD EX detector.

Adapter for detectors Flash

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