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Booth is being built 1. Booth is being built

Booth 2. Booth

Ruzena at view point 3. Ruzena at view point

Ruzena is tired 4. Ruzena is tired

Statistics of Czech participants 5. Statistics of Czech participants

We were, as an exhibitor, at the conference and exposition Pittcon 2007, which took place from February 2 to March 1 2007. Jaroslav Formanek, Monika Folvarcna, Jakub Hodan and Ruzena (Roseanne - mascot) were participants of the ECOM company at the Pittcon.

We came to Chicago on Saturday. Flight connection Prague-Frankfurt-Chicago was without troubles. We did not have any problems with luggage, either. We headed for McCormick Place on Sunday. We arrived at McCormick Place after a little wondering caused by wrong marking of the railway station in the city plan. Booth was built and equipments were delivered correctly. We started up unpacking containers and installed all necessary things. First complaint about our booth came soon - promoters did not agree with our rotating cube. We had to stop the rotation of cube and to eliminate back logo from it. We arranged all and went back to the hotel.

Everything started on Monday. Visitors came to our booth one by one. We visited our suppliers and customers at their booth during our free time. Control was under Ruzena who always found her observe place between the ECOM units. Many interested people from all around the world visited our booth during all 4 exhibition days.

We packed all equipments shortly after the end of the exposition on Thursday. We had free Friday for sightseeing in Chicago because we did not have time for it during exhibition days. We walked around city centre and visited the Sears Tower - the third tallest building in world at this time.

We headed for the O'Hare airport in the afternoon. Airport check-in was a nightmare. Though we had 2 hours before the take-off, we nearly did not catch it on time. Among other problems, plane took off 2-hour delay due to terrible check-in of passengers. We did not catch the flight from Prague to Frankfurt, due to delay in Chicago. Finally, we arrived home all right.

The exhibition was successful for ECOM. We believe in successful cooperation with new customers who we had met at the Pittcon 2007. We also hope that we had strengthened good relations with our current partners. Many thanks go to all involved people. We look forward to the next meeting.


New FLASH 06 detectors 6. New FLASH 06 detectors

Booth is being disassembled 7. Booth is being disassembled

Our hotel 8. Our hotel


City 1 9. City 1

Corn-like skyscrapers
10. Corn-like skyscrapers

Czech scientists are everywhere 11. Czech scientists are everywhere


City 2 12. City 2

Sears Tower 13. Sears Tower

View from Sears Tower 14. View from Sears Tower


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