News 2020

TOYU0000 model

New module of TOY18DAD U

Narrow detector, 130 mm wide, with cell out of the unit.
This detector is modular and easy to integrate into 3rd party systems.
Available in versions 200-400/600/800

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3Ddata UV-VIS compact system

3D Data on Compact Systems

3D data can be now displayed on all our compact systems.
The new member ECS08 P with an analytical cell and 10 ml/min quarternary
gradient pump up to 40 MPa (5082 PSI) was added to the family of compact systems.

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LED20FIX detector

New detector LED20FIX

Single or dual fix wavelengths with LED diodes from
265 nm and low noise ± 5 x 10-6 AU. Small dimensions
125 x 62 x 63 mm (4.9 x 2.4 x 2.5") makes this detector easy to handle.

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ECP201L model

New 1L Pump up to 15 MPa

A new pump with flow rate 1000 ml/min
and pressure 15 MPa (2176 PSI) with new gradient box
up to 4 solvents for low pressure gradient mixing.

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KISNA compact chromatography system

Kisna - Compact system for large scale separations

Complete preparative modular system with one basic gradient pump
and optionally secondary pump for repetitive sampling or with an injection valve.
PDA four channel detector up to 800 nm and 10 positions fraction valve.

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Coming soon

Detector TOY20DAD

Newly we are preparing an UV-VIS detector TOY20DAD800,
which will be able to measure absorbance in wavelength range 190-800 nm.

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