Cells for testing

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Test cell in bracket ZK04L

Part number: ANA9500X
For detectors TOY18DAD-H, TOY18DAD-L, TOY14DAD, and FLASH14DAD

Test Cell in bracket ZK05L

Part number: ANA9100X
For detectors TOY18DAD-H, TOY18DAD-L, TOY14DAD, and FLASH14DAD

Test cell TC01

Part number: ADA4000X

Test cell for ECD detectors series.

Test cell TD01

Part number: ANW4000X

Test cell for ECDA detectors series.

Test Cell ZK 04

Part number: 8618001X
For detectors Flash, TOY18DAD and TOY18FIX, BABY18DAD, BABY18FIX.

Test cell ZK EX

Part number: QA16000X

External, connected by optical cables.