Preparative External Cell PLCC15 EX

l=0,3mm; tubing with OD 1/8“ and thread ¼“-28;

External, for detectors TOY18DAD and ECD2800EX


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 Unique construction of the cell enables optical path change according to specifications of particular analysis at 0.3 mm. Cell volume is 40, 55 or 70 µl for selected optical path length. Maximum flow rate is 500 ml/min
The cell is designed for preparative or flash applications. Incoming capillaries with external diameters 1/8” or 1/16” can be connected using a thread ¼”-28 and a ferrule. 
The cell is assembled outside of detector and is connected with the unit by an optical fiber cable. Therefore it is used in explosion or contamination hazard applications
UV Detectors for this cell signal evaluation have to be assembled with SMA output and input connectors. See detectors produced by ECOM with optical connectors.

Volume/optical path (adjustable) 0.3 / 40 µl
Wetted materials PTFE; fused quartz; stainless steel
Casing dimensions Diameter 36 mm; length 27 mm
Maximal flow rate 500 ml/min.
Tubing diameter 1/8"
Connecting thread thread ¼“-28; tubes OD 1/6“ or 1/8“
Maximum operating pressure 2 MPa
Weight 150 g