Preparative HP Cell PLCC HP16 PEEK

l=1mm; tubing with OD 1/16” and thread UNF 10-32
High pressure PEEK cells
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Unique construction of these cells enables to use them in applications with high pressure up to 30 MPa (4351 PSI) and maximal flow rate up to 500 ml/min.
These cells are designed for preparative or flash applications. They are produced in two versions with inlet capillaries of 1/8” or 1/16” according cell type.
These cells can be used in all ECOM Flash DAD and TOYDAD but in Flash 14 DAD and TOYDAD detectors with special bracket.
Both cell can be also delivered as external version with SMA connectors for optical cables connection.


Outer diameter of capillary 1/16”
Maximal flow rate 500ml/min
Tubing diameter 1/16"
Connecting thread UNF 10-32
Maximum operating pressure 30 MPa
Internal volume (exchanger/capillaries) 20 ul