TOY20DAD 800 VEX with Preparative External Cell TRI-CLAMP

4 channel Scanning 190-800

TOY20DAD 800 VEX scanning UV-VIS detector and Preparative external TRI-CLAMP cell (variable) assembly.

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UV (UV-VIS) diode array detectors, which allow measuring absorbance of four wavelengths simultaneously in external cell connected by optical cables, just as measuring of whole spectrum (scan).
More wavelengths are used in liquid chromatography to verify purity of analyzed samples or in situations when some substances absorb on different wavelengths. It is possible to use the detector in flash and preparative applications.

It is possible to control the detector manually by keyboard and display but also using RS232, USB or LAN. At the back panel are available four analog outputs and connector for I/O logical input and output signals.

When using the fiber-optic cables we supply, we recommend to use 1 m fiber-optic cables.
For 3 m and 5 m fiber-optic cables, we recommend consultation according to the application.

The unit’s DAD (diode array detector) design offers many advantages:

•absorbance measuring on four wavelengths simultaneously.

•wavelength setting in increments of 1nm.

•on line scan of whole spectrum with speed up to 20 Hz which allows to create 3D picture.

•lamp work hours are counted using the built-in counter for both deuterium and halogen lamps.

•SMA connectors at front panel allows easy connection of external cell.

•powering by 100-240 V AC.

•unit can be controlled by RS232, USB, LAN or keyboard.

•signals are available in analog and digital form.

•easy service and diagnostic using display and keyboard or by service SW.


l= optional 0.1mm – 10.0 mm; connection with TRI-CLAMP flanges OD 1" 25.4 mm or OD 2" 50.5 mm.
FDA certification for use in food and pharmacy.
The cell is an variable item. An overview of currently offered TRI-CLAMP cells can be found in the Files to download tab above.

Wavelength range 190-800 nm
Number of channels (Signals) 4
Scan speed up to 20 Hz with step of 1 nm
Number of CCD elements 256
Noise Level 8 x 10-5 AU (254 nm, TC 1 s, test cell)
Accuracy of adjustment ± 1 nm
Typical spectral half-width 10 nm
Reproducibility ± 0.5 nm
Digital output 1 V/AU
Communication RS232,Ethernet (LAN)
Power supply 100-240 V AC
Power input 100 VA
Dimensions W x H x D 135 x 170 x 340 mm (5.32 x 6.69 x 13.39 in)
Weight TOY20DAD 800 VEX with Preparative External Cell TRI-CLAMP
Drift with short-connected 1m long fiber optics(254 nm after 1 hr) 2 x 10-3 AU/hr