We are the top quality manufacturer of equipments for liquid chromatography

Ecom spol s r.o. became a world known supplier of equipment for liquid chromatography first of detectors for flash, preparative and analytical purpose, just now of complete systems for analytical and preparative HPLC.

The company was established in October 1991. Ecom spol s r.o. is a Czech company located in Prague providing innovative solutions in the areas of flash, preparative and analytical chromatography and controlling process. Our goal is to continue in high level product development, manufacturing and application.

We believe that providing high quality products and responsive service will support the innovation and effectiveness of our customers.

2006 Logo change and other

In 2006 Ecom spol s r.o. celebrated 15 years since the foundation. It was reason we changed our logo, company colors and slogan. Website of our company was completely redesigned according to mentioned changes. Change of documents desing has been providing step by step.

The most important change is change of our logo on units production labels. Production labels up to the year 2005/2006 contains old logo.

Old ECOM Logo

Old logo 1991-2005

New ECOM Logo

New logo since 2006