DataApex SW and HW for HPLC data collection and evaluation.

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Clarity Extensible, Single Instrument SW CFR21/GLP

Part number: AP000C50

Clarity is an advanced chromatography station designed to acquire and evaluate data from any commercially available chromatograph with standard analog output and from selected chromatographs with digital output.

Clarity Lite Simplified, Single Instrument SW

Part number: AP000C40

inexpensive version of Clarity for 1 instrument

Clarity Offline - Off line version for data proces..

Part number: AP000C59

Off Line Evaluation Station

Clarity Single Instrument Add-on

Part number: AP000C55

add 1 instrument to Clarity

Clarity SW module for AS control

Part number: AP000A26

add-on module

Clarity SW module for HPLC control

Part number: AP000A24

add-on module

Clarity SW module for PDA data processing

Part number: AP000A29

add-on module


Clarity SW module for Suitability Test Clarity

Part number: AP000A22

add-on module