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Rack for 21ml tubes

Part number: AFAR021X

EC21 - Rack for Fraction collector ECF2096. 36 tubes of 21 ml.

Rack for 40ml tubes

Part number: AFAR040X

EC40 - Rack for Fraction collector ECF2096. 24 tubes of 40 ml.

Rack for 60ml vials

Part number: AFAUV000

EC60 - Rack for Fraction collector ECF2096 or for Compact systems.
Rack for 20 pcs of closable fused silica vials with a PP (EPA class, ND24) cap, volume of each vial is 60 ml.
Total volume for 1 rack is 1200ml.
Vials and caps must be ordered separately.

Rack for 8ml tubes

Part number: AFAR008X

EC08 - Rack for Fraction collector ECF2096. 48 tubes of 8 ml.

Rack with funnels 30 mm

Part number: AFARF120

Rack with 12 funnels, 30 mm and silicone tubing OD 6 mm x ID 4 mm, l = 16.5 m.
Material on the funnels: PP.
Maximum flow rate up to 500 ml/min.

Tube for ECF2096 21ml (100pcs)

Part number: AFAT021X

Tube for ECF2096 21 ml (100 pcs)

Tube for ECF2096 40ml (100pcs)

Part number: AFAT050X

Tube for ECF2096 40ml (100pcs).

Tube for ECF2096 8ml (100pcs)

Part number: AFAT008X

Tube for EFC2096 8ml (100pcs)

Vial 60ml (1pc)

Part number: 5480640

Vial EPA 60 ml, OD 27.5 mm.
It is necessary to order a cap for the vial separately.