HPLC Fraction Collector Accessories

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ECV2010 Fraction Collector with 10 positions valve

Part number: AVV0000Y

ECV2010 for automation of flash and preparative purification. It collects fractions according chosen method which can be created using ECOMAC software.

Rack for 21ml tubes

Part number: AFAR021X

EC21 - Rack for Fraction collector ECF2096. 36 tubes of 21 ml.

Rack for 40ml tubes

Part number: AFAR040X

EC40 - Rack for Fraction collector ECF2096. 24 tubes of 40 ml.

Rack for 8ml tubes

Part number: AFAR008X

EC08 - Rack for Fraction collector ECF2096. 48 tubes of 8 ml.

Tube for ECF2096 21ml (100pcs)

Part number: AFAT021X

Tube for ECF2096 21 ml (100 pcs)

Tube for ECF2096 40ml (50pcs)

Part number: AFAT040X

Tube for ECF2096 40ml (50pcs)

Tube for ECF2096 8ml (100pcs)

Part number: AFAT008X

Tube for EFC2096 8ml (100pcs)