Data handling HW

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Cable with converter RS232 - USB

Part number: EKAB-054

Colibrick 1 channel

Part number: AP000U31

A/D converter, external USB, 1 channel

Colibrick 2 channels

Part number: AP000U32

A/D converter, external USB, 2 channels


Colibrick 4 channels

Part number: AP000U34

A/D converter, external USB, 4 channels

Crossed serial cable 9pin RS 232

Part number: EKAB-024

MultiCOM (1x USB to 6x RS232 Converter)

Part number: AP00MC01

MultiCOM extends the PC by 6 Com ports (RS232).

Orca 2800 precise 2-channel 24bit A/D converter

Part number: SA03000X

A/D converter with Ethernet (LAN) interface with ECOMAC software