Mobile phase filters for HPLC

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Mobile Phase Filter 2 µm 1/8“ SS

Part number: J3670082

for tube OD 1/8", max. flow rate 8 mL/min.

Mobile Phase Filter 20 μm PE No-Met 1/4"-28

Part number: ACC16100

For tubing 1/8", No-Metal

Mobile Phase Filter 20 μm PE No-Met 5/16"-24

Part number: ACE98100

For tubing 3/16", No-Metal

Mobile Phase Filter PE Economy 20 μm

Part number: J0032174

 for 1/8" tubing, up to 300 ml/min
The economy version can easily be slipped over 1/8" OD tubing, with no fitting required.

Porous PE Part of NO-Met filter 20 μm

Part number: J0032179

flow rate up to 500 ml/min
pore size <20 um