Preparative Columns

We newly acquired Separlab production line of top-quality preparative columns of Czech design and production. 

Main features and benefits

  • High-performance HPLC industrial-scale columns
  • For pharma and food industry uses, etc.
  • Highly polished inner surfaces and FDA-approved construction materials
  • Configurations for ATEX environment possible
  • Customer modifications available-compared to a number of other column manufacturers
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
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Separchrom PC01-HPLC Columns with Axial Compressio..

Part number: PC01XXXX
New Product

HPLC Columns for prep chromatography

Separchrom PC02-MPLC (Medium-pressure) Columns for..

Part number: PC02XXXX
New Product

Columns for medium-pressure with axial bed compression for prep chromatography

Separchrom PC04-Non-metal Columns for Prep Chromat..

Part number: PC04XXXX
New Product

Non-metal columns for prep chromatography with axial compression

Separchrom PC06-MPLC and LPLC Columns for Prep Chr..

Part number: PC06XXXX
New Product

Columns for medium and low-pressure chromatography

Separchrom PC08-HPLC Columns for Prep Chromatograp..

Part number: PC08XXXX
New Product

HPLC columns are designed for high-pressure, high-performance preparative liquid chromatography

SEPARPRESS Hydraulic Systems for Prep Chromatograp..

Part number: separpress
New Product
ECOM SEPARPRESS hydraulic system for prep chromatographic columns