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OPAL EX Detector with Optical Connectors

Part number: 65EX000X

UV-VIS Detector with fixed wavelength and optical connectors. Interference filter determining wavelength is ordered separately.

TOPAZ EX Detector with optical connectors

Part number: 73EX000000

Two wavelength (200 up to 320 nm) in one external cell

Flash 06S DAD 600 EX Detector

Part number: 2050EX0X

Four wavelengths simultaneously, scan of spectrum 200-600nm. External cell. Std. power source.

SAPPHIRE 600 Ex Detector with optical connectors

Part number: 67SHEX0X

UV-VIS Detector with variable wavelength 190 up to 600nm and optical connectors.

Flash 12 DAD 400 EX Detector

Part number: 2046EX0X

Four wavelengths simultaneously in one cell, continuous scan 200 - 400 nm. External cell. Standard power supply.

Flash 12 DAD 800 EX Detector

Part number: 2052EX0X

Four wavelengths simultaneously, continuous scan of spectrum 190-840nm. External cell. Std. power source.

UV-VIS detector LCD 2083.2 ITP

Part number: 83000001ITP

With outlet fiber optic, Manual wavelength adjusting

UV-VIS detector LCD 2084.2 ITP

Part number: 84000002ITP

With outlet fiber optic, Programmed wavelength adjusting