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Part number: AF010000

For SW ECOMAC - record start and marks

Orca 2800 precise 2-channel 24bit A/D converter

Part number: SA03000X

A/D converter with Ethernet (LAN) interface with ECOMAC software

Panda 30HID input unit

Part number: SA04000X
Panda 30HID is logical unit with 3 inputs, which can be used for recording of logical events by computer in chromatographic system.

Panda-30 Start + Mark - USB

Part number: SA020000

Logical unit with 3 Molex inputs

Panda-88 input/output logical unit

Part number: SA010000

Logical unit with 8 inputs and 8 outputs

Panther 1000 - Precise A/D converter

Part number: SA000000

External 24 bit analog-digital converter