We have expanded our expertise and scope into another area of ​​chromatography - ​​design, production and installation of large columns for preparative chromatography purposes.

Detailed and complete product information you can find in the ECOM Large Preparative Columns Catalog in the section Catalogs.

The link to the product site: Large Preparative Columns

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This complete flash/preparative/pilot scale/production modular system with an excellent price/performance ratio has been added to our product portfolio. 
Applications: The system can be used e.g. in high-capacity systems or with centrifugal liquid/liquid chromatography systems, like in pharmaceutical purification of plant extracts – e.g. cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, THC, etc.), peptides, and oligonucleotides, algae extracts, oleoresins, etc., also in new molecule development or synthesis.

Find out more details on the PrepSystem product site

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Ecom photovoltaic power plantTo support ecological sustainability we installed a photovoltaic panels system on our production building to generate electricity for our use. 

The project Implementation of energy-saving measures is co-financed by the European Union.





The official project poster:

 Project energy saving poster

We participated at the 2023 BCEIA - World Exposition on Analytical Science and Biochemical Technology in Beijing, China, on September 6-8, 2023., together with our partner Cheng Kangxin (Shanghai) Technology Equipment. 

Among others, we introduced the following systems and devices:
PrepBox-Chromatography separation system
New Compact Preparative HPLC System
Ecom Analytical System
New models of HPLC flow cells–HPLC Preparative Flow Cells and also Tri-clamp cells
• Systems and devices for preparative, flash, and analytical liquid chromatography from our portfolio-  https://www.ecomsro.com/
Chromatography software Ecomac and Clarity
Top-quality Analytical columns, and more.

BCEIA ECOM Booth China 2023

BCEIA ECOM Booth China 2023 entire booth

The exhibition website : BCEIA Trade Fair 2023


Check out our latest catalog  with the newly extended selection with hundreds of columns! 
Choose from our wide range of top-quality, yet affordable, analytical and preparative columns. Suitable for use with HPLC and UHPLC systems. Designed and developed in the Czech Republic.

Key features and benefits:
• Technologically perfect end-capping → no broken particles
Very good prices - e.g.: Analytical ASTRA® C18-AQ HPLC column, 5.0 µm 150 mm × 4.6 mm € 345
                                             Analytical ARION® C8 HPLC column, 3.0 µm 150 mm × 4.6 mm € 485
Stability over wide pH ranges and resistance to high pressures
• Available in extensive stationary phase variants and in a wide range of column dimensions and various particle sizes. Wide selection with various physical parameters, enabling a diverse array of applications.
•The selection consists of: 1) A series of the highest quality columns for demanding applications
                                               2) A series of superior-quality columns with unique and complementary selectivity
• Columns are suitable for application in normal or reverse phase chromatography, also for ion-exchange chromatography.
• Available optional HPLC column guard system consisting of a guard holder and a guard cartridge, modified with a suitable stationary phase

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