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Detector LCD 2083.6

Part number: 72000000

OPAL Fixed Wavelength Detector

Part number: 6500000X

One fix wavelength given by chosen interference filter in range 200-600 mn. Interference filter determining wavelength is ordered separately.

OPAL VIS Fixed Wavelength Detector with LED

Part number: 65LD000X

 For VIS range (350-900 nm) with LED diode as light source.

UV Detector LCD 2070.1 analytical

Part number: 69000000

 Small unit measured at wavelength 254 nm

UV Detector LCD 2071.2

Part number: 71000002

 For 254 nm with build in recorder

UV Detector LCD 2083.1

Part number: 83000000

UV Detector LCD 2084.1

Part number: 84000003

UV-VIS Detector LCD 2083.2

Part number: 83000001

Manual wavelength setting 190 up to 600 nm

UV-VIS Detector LCD 2084.2

Part number: 84000002

Programmable, 190 up to 600 nm , informative scan