Deuterium HPLC Detectors Lamps

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Deuterium Lamp

Part number: MDTA1100

For detector ECDA2800.

Deuterium Lamp

Part number: ADA33000

For detectors ECD2600, ECD2800 and Flash 14.

Deuterium lamp for BABY18DAD in socket

Part number: BDC01100

Pre-aligned deuterium lamp for BABYDAD detectors. 

Deuterium lamp for TOYDAD-L + TOY14 + TOY18

Part number: MDTA1200

For detectors TOYDAD-L + TOY 14 + T0Y 18

Deuterium Lamp TOPAZ

Part number: 22590001

For detectors Flash DAD 06, Flash DAD 10 and Flash DAD 12, TOYDAD up to 400 and 600 nm, TOPAZ, SAPPHIRE, OPAL and LCD 2073A.

Deuterium Lamp with chip

Part number: 22590005

For Flash DAD detectors up to 800nm.

Halogen lamp with cable and connector

Part number: 2052B900

For Flash DAD and TOYDAD detectors up to 800nm and for detectors ECD2800 and ECDA2800.