Improved EX built-in detectors - new EXR and EXL versions

We have upgraded our TOY18DAD EX built-in detectors with an external flow cell and optical cables. These detectors are used for preparative, flash, and process chromatography. The original TOY18DAD EX detectors are being replaced by two new, basic improved types with EXR and EXL endings.

🆕 What’s new – Compared to the original version, the improved detectors come covered in a chassis, which has several practical advantages for the customer and also increases operational safety. The detectors are now also equipped with a back panel, where the communication and power supply connectors are easily accessible. Also, now for a LAN connection, there is no need to separately order an additional board.

What are the main advantages of the new detectors?
💠Easier assembly and integration into customers' devices
💠Increased safety - the detectors are now placed within a closed chassis
💠Easier choice and access to the communication interface - easily accessible connectors on the new back panel
💠For a LAN connection - no more need to order an additional board

Communication ports by versions:

The improved detectors continue to provide the same large number of device configurations, according to wavelengths and other parameters, so that each customer can find a suitable device for their own particular application.

Find out more on TOY18DAD EXR and TOY18DAD EXL in the product category of detectors with an external cell. 

In case you have any questions about the detectors or for inquiries, please contact our sales department.  

Detector TOY18DAD EXR EXL composition