ALPHA 250 Isocratic Pump

1 - 250 ml/min, pistons in parallel connection

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 With flow rate 1 – 250 ml/min and limit of pressure 7.5 MPa is this pump suited for preparative applications in liquid chromatography. It is designed with two pump heads connected in parallel with piston diameter of 3/8”.

There are new improvements in piston suspension which has new plastic slide bearing and exchange is now easier. Bypass valve has been improved also and is now easier to operate it.

Intuitive operating using simple keypad allows easy chose functions as follow:

  • flow rate
  • maximal flow rate- PURGE ( for priming and washing)
  • low pressure limit
  • high pressure limit
  • pulsation compensation on-off
  • pressure unit (PSI, MPa or bar)
  • control mode ( by keypad, RS232 or using voltage)
  • display brightness

Two LED displays allows to watch (also from a distance) adjusted flow rate and operating pressure. By pump function choosing, give you this displays enough of information for adjusting.

There is possibility to use this pump by high pressure gradient mode, where are two, tree or four unit controlled from PC using RS232 or voltage.

By work with buffered solvents is possible to use pistons back washing.

Flow rate 1 –250 ml/min in 0.1 steps
Maximum operating pressure 7.5 MPa
Adjustable lower pressure limit 0 – 7.4 MPa
Adjustable upper pressure limit 1 – 7.5 MPa
Repeatability of flow rate adjusting ± 1 %
Accuracy of flow rate setting ± 2 %
Wetted materials Stainless steel, PEEK, PTFE, ceramic
Power supply 100, 115, 230 V ± 10% , 50, 60 Hz
Power input 90 VA
Dimensions W x H x D 220 x 170 x 450 mm
Weight 14 kg
Precision of pressure measurement ± 2%