Analytical Cell HPLC 08

For detectors: LCD 2070 , LCD 2071.2, LCD 2071.3, LCD 2073A, OPAL, TOPAZ and FLASH 06.

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 HPLC 08 Analytical Flow-cell is used in the LCD 2070, LCD 2071.2, TOPAZ Dual UV, LCD 2073 and FLASH 06 detectors. Cell volume is 10 µl and its optical path is 5 mm. A hydrodynamic resistor is supplied with the cell to eliminate formation of bubbles. It is connected on the output capillaries. Internal diameter of capillaries input is 0.2 mm.

Volume/optical path length 10 ul / 5 mm
Material Vespel, stainless steel, fused silica
External diameter of capillaries 1/16"
Casing dimensions Diameter 36 mm, Length 23 mm
Maximal flow rate 10 ml/min.
Maximum operating pressure 1 MPa
Internal volume (exchanger/capillaries) input/output 0.2 / 0.5 mm
Weight 70 g