Autosampler L3320

Automatic autosampler for 96 vials (optional: 96-hole panel or 384-hole panel)

Part number

Autosampler L3320 is an automatic autosampler fwith excellent accuracy and linearity of sample injection. Inovated needle design significantly reduces sample residue contamination. µl pick-up mode achieves zero sample loss.

The autosampler is designed as standalone unit.

User friendly unit offers control through computer and show information about actual status on unit display. Automated selfchecking simplifies the usage of autosampler, there is no need of calibration or needle position setting.

Rheodyne valve secures reliable operation of the device.

The unit is supported in software Clarity.

Communication RS232,USB
Syringe volume Standard 250μl; 100μl optional
Reproducibility Full loop injection: RSD≤0.3% Partial loopfill injection: RSD≤0.5% μl pickup injection: RSD≤1%
Control PC (Clarity SW)
Loop volumes Standard 100μl; 10μl, 20μl and 50μl optional
Sample Capacity 2 standard 48-vial tray (1.5ml vials)
Pressure limit 6000 PSI
Cross Contamination < 0.02% after programmed needle wash
Weight 17kg
Dimensions W x H x D 453 x 359 x 244 mm (17.8 x 14.1 x 9.6”)
Linearity 0.9999
Power supply 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 110W