Clarity Offline - Offline version for data processing

Off Line Evaluation Station

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 Clarity Offline Chromatography Software is offline software used for evaluating and printing chromatograms and preparing methods. Clarity Offline provides all the standard functions of Clarity Software except that it does not allow for both data acquisition and the use of Clarity Control Modules. The software works with the same files and provides the same outputs (printing and exporting) as the Clarity station.

Clarity Offline Software is intended for use as additional offline software that supplements online versions of Clarity software.

This version of Clarity may good cooperate with ECOMAC. ECOMAC may be use for data accquisition and them export to the Clarity file format. And next Clarity Offline is use for data evaluation and printing. This is favourable price solution because ECOMAC is part of ECOMs instruments delivery, generally.