Colibrick 1 channel

A/D converter, external USB, 1 channel

Part number

 INT7 is an internal 24-bit A/D converter board for measurement of voltages of chromatographic and electrochemical detectors. The board is designed for the PCI bus and equipped with a Plug-and-Play system. It contains one to four fully independent sigma delta integrating A/D converters for processing positive and negative voltages. INT7 is a direct successor to the classical ISA board INT5, with which it shares identical design of the analog channels and, accordingly, identical basic electric parameters. 

The fundamental advantages include the following:

  • designed for the PCI slot of modern PCs
  • Plug-and-Play technology for facile installation under the latest Windows versions
  • four-channel version directly on the board - the board thus occupies a single slot
  • more compact and more reliable owing to the employed SMT
  • improved temperature stability.

Compared with INT5 each channel has a single input and the connector wiring is different
(a converting adapter is available upon request to enable direct replacement).