Popular detector

TOYDAD-L is an OEM built-in UV diode array (DAD/PDA) detector suited for preparative and flash chromatography available in three wavelength ranges 200 – 400 , 200 - 600 , 200 - 800 nm. It allows easy installation in chromatographic system.

It is offered in three following models:

  • Two Channel version measures at two wavelengths simultaneously with possibility to see current scan.
  • Four Channel version measures at four wavelengths simultaneously with possibility to see current scan.
  • Scanning version measures at four wavelengths simultaneously or sends scan with speed 5 Hz which allows to create 3D picture.

More wavelengths or scan are used in liquid chromatography to verify purity of analyzed samples or in situations when some peaks absorb on different wavelengths.

Most important features of TOYDAD-L detectors:

  • small dimensions
  • built-in lamp working hours counter
  • easy replacement of flow cell 
  • measuring at more wavelengths simultaneously
  • sophisticated diagnostic software
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