ECA AMINO 500 - Amino Acid Analyzer

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The Amino Acid Analysis System ECA AMINO 500 – is a complete solution for automated amino acid analysis.

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The Amino Acid Analysis System ECA AMINO 500is a complete solution for automated amino acid analysis. The system is specifically used for identification and quantification of amino acids in protein hydrolysates and peptides, of free amino acids in physiological liquids and extracts, as well as for biogenic amines detection.
Applications: These features make the ECA AMINO 500 predestined for a wide range of use in biochemical research, in research in human and animal nutrition, diagnostics in medicine, and control of pharmaceuticals, food, and feed – as well as in standardized processes (e.g. ISO 03 139).

The system provides the highest accuracy and reproducibility. It uses very accurate and robust chromatographic methods low-pressure ion exchange chromatography with post-column derivatization with ninhydrin and photometric detection. Possible customization of the system, helps customers to use it for a wide range of amino acids.

The analyzer uses a 2-channel spectrophotometer detector, a 6-fold gradient, and an 8-channel degasser, which can optionally be equipped with a chilled sample rack, with a heated column thermostat.

SW Support:
The system is supported by Clarify software.

Features and benefits:
The ECA AMINO 500 offers a very good price-performance ratio, also it is very cost-effective regarding operation and maintenance costs - for example, thanks to the use of his/her chemicals, there is no need to purchase ready-made buffers.

Operational advantages: Samples contain a lot of impurities, namely biological material, food, feed, blood, and urine. A lot of impurities pass through the column and settle in the column slower than HPLC analysis. This instrument can be operated even by an end-user with rather limited experience in chromatography. The method is robust.

: We can prepare standards according to the customer's special request.

Glass columns: 
One of the biggest advantages is that customers can fill and/or refill the column themselves. He can fill the column to the height that suits the analysis. Because the column is made of glass, end-users can see into it and can identify any defects (whether it is dry, whether the fill is sedimented, the level of contamination) and adjust the column accordingly.

The pre-column
can also be easily filled. The analyte does not pass through it, it picks up the ammonia from the buffers during analysis and the ammonia is then released by the hydroxide.

The buffers are prepared by the customers themself. The advantage is that the chemicals take up less space in the warehouse, and the lifetime of the preparation chemicals is significantly longer than ready-made buffers. It also means considerably lower operating costs. We offer a buffer system with a calculator, according to which the customer can adjust the composition of the buffers himself and thus adjust the separation of amino acids.

Ninhydrin solution: Ninhydrin solution is used as a derivatizing reagent. The efficiency of the solution decreases with time. The preparation of ninhydrin solution from chemicals supplied by ECOM or local suppliers always produces a fresh solution with the best derivatization properties. Ninhydrin solution is placed in a dark chilled container, under a protective atmosphere of inert gas to avoid degradation.

The modular concept allows service work to be sped up; the customer can carry out many service tasks himself. The service technician and the chemist have the possibility of remote access to perform diagnostics on the instrument.

The instrument operates with a safe voltage outside the closed source module.

Technical Details

Sensitivity 15 pmol
Scope of concentrations 15 pmol to 200 mmol

Reproducibility at 10 nmol

better than 1.5 %
Heating ranges 25 - 90 °C
Fill for hydrolyzate determination  Polymer AAA 8 or ANB
Fill for free AA determination Ionex Poly 8 or FA
Flow-rate 0.01 to 7.5 ml
Pressure 0-25 Mpa
Number of samples with cassette A (according to the order) 40 x 1.5 m
Number of samples with cassette B  (according to the order) 80 x 0.5 ml
Two-channel detector 440 and 570 nm
Cell volume 5 ml
Reactor 40 to 150 °C
Processing and printing of results PC with Clarity SW
Communication with PC Ethernet, Team Viewer
Power input 230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions W x H x D 710 x 600 x 560 mm (27,9 x 23,6 x 22 Inch)
Weight 46 kg (101.4 Ibs)
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