ECB2008 Analytical box with degasser

Continuous degassing of mobile phase and container for solvent bottles.

ECOM spol. s r.o.
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Box is suited for handling liquids in ECOM isocratic systems. It accomodates a container for solvent bottles and built-in high-efficiency on-line degasser.

Degasser unique design assures reliable operation and the highest level of continuous performance available without the need for helium degassing. Up to four solvent lines may be degassed simultaneously by one unit. Extremely low internal volume of each Systec AF channel (480 µl) offers very fast equilibration and very short startup timescompared with PTFE degassing channels which have the same degassing efficiency.

Up to 6 mobile phase reservoirs LCT 02 (1L) may be put into the box.

Maximal flow rate (nominal) 10 mL/min.
Maximum operating pressure 0.5 MPa (70 psi)
Degasser channels 5 independent
Degassing process Gas permeation through a fluoropolymer membrane
Degassing capacity ~2 ppm at 1 mL/min.
Dead volume of degasser channel ~480 µl per channel for standard channel
Wetted materials Systec AF, PPS, Glass-filled PTFE, Stainless Steel 316
Connecting thread 1/4"-28 flat bottom
Inside box dimensions (w x h x d) 267 x 56 x 305 mm
Dimensions W x H x D 280 x 135 x 498 mm
Weight 6.9 kg (15.2 lb)
Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz 40VA