ECP2200 Preparative Pump

30MPa 250ml/min

Is a preparative pump up to 250ml/min, with very high pressure up to 30 MPa at flow 100 ml/min

Part number

It has two pistons connected in parallel, with diameter of 3/8”. It is suited for preparative liquid chromatography where is high pressure needed, etc.. Advantage of this pump is a very stable run even at low flow rates.

These pumps are designed as OEM / built-in units.

There is a possibility to use this pump in a high pressure gradient mode, where two, three or four units are controlled via PC using RS232.

Control board is mounted at the unit back side therefore the installation is very easy. Just connect power voltage and RS232 and the pump is ready to go.

When working with buffered solvents, it is possible to use pistons back washing.

Pump is supported with software ECOMAC and Clarity.

This pump does not have a pressure sensor.

Options on request:

  • Control module for LAN and USB communication
  • Pressure sensor
  • Additional board for gradient valves controlling
Flow rate 0.5 – 250 ml/min
Maximum operating pressure 30 MPa (4351 PSI)
Flow rate setting 0.1 ml/min steps
Repeatability of flow rate adjusting ± 1 %
Accuracy of flow rate setting ± 2 %
Wetted materials stainless steel, PEEK, TefzelTM, PE, ceramic, seals
Communication RS232; optionally USB and LAN
Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz 250VA
Dimensions W x H x D 212 x 153 x 338 mm (8.35 x 6.02 x 13.31 in)
Weight 13.5 kg (30 lb)
Output capillary outer diameter 1/8”
Input tubing outer diameter 3/16”
Upper pressure limit (MPa) 1– 30 (4351PSI)
Precision of pressure measurement ± 2 %
Supported Gradient Box ECB2005, ECB2005PC
Maximum pressure 30 MPa (4351 psi) up to 100 ml/min; 5 MPa (725 psi) at 250 ml/min