Flash 06S DAD 600 EX Detector

Four wavelengths simultaneously, scan of spectrum 200-600nm. External cell. Std. power source.

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 Flash 06 DAD is a UV diode array detector, which allows measuring absorbance of four wavelengths simultaneously in one cell just as measuring of whole spectrum (scan). This unit is used in liquid chromatography to verify analyzed samples by means of four wavelengths or in situations when some peaks absorb on different wavelengths. It is possible to use the detector in flash and preparative applications. By using analytical cell can be detector used also for analytical purpose. Noise level at 254 nm is ± 8 x 10-5 AU with short-connected 1m long fiber optics cable (optical cable).

The unit is designed as stand-alone unit with 90-264V power supply and RS232 controlling. On request can be sold without case as built-in OEM unit with 24-36V DC powering.

The unit’s DAD (diode array detector) design offers many advantages:

  • wavelength setting from 200 up to 600 nm in increments of 1nm
  • absorbance measuring on four wavelengths simultaneously
  • scan of whole spectrum is possible in each time
  • lamp work hours are counted using the built-in counter
  • allow external cell connection by using fiber optic cables 
  • unit is controlled by RS232 interface

External cell and fiber optics are not part of delivery and have to be ordered separately.

Cell is installed out of unit and it is connected to the unit using fiber optic cable with SMA connectors. It is possible connect the detector to a cell for ITP or with cell PLCC 20 use it for preparative or flash chromatography.




Wavelength range 200-600 nm
Accuracy of adjustment ± 1 nm
Typical spectral half-width 8 nm
Reproducibility ± 0.5 nm
Light source Deuterium discharge lamp
Output for integrator 1 V/AU (in digital form only)
Time constant (T90) 0.5 s; 0.75 s; 1 s or 2 s (T63 0.3s;0.4s;0.6s;1s)
Communication RS232
Power supply 90-264 V
Power input 90 VA
Dimensions W x H x D 220 x 170 x 450 mm
Weight 7.9 kg
Materials in contact with mobile phase According to used cell. Typically: PTFE; fused silica, stainless steel
Noise level with short-connected 1m long fiber optics (254 nm, TC 0.75 s) ± 8 x 10-5 AU
Drift with short-connected 1m long fiber optics(254 nm after 1 hr) 4 x 10-3 AU/hr