HPLC Columns Washing System

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ECW 2006 HPLC Columns washing system - this configuration allows stepwise washing of up to 6 columns

ECOM spol. s r.o.
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The ECW 2006 HPLC Column washing system offers fast and user-friendly operation. The system uses the ECP2011P Single-piston pump and a motorized 6+1 port valve. The whole column washing process is controlled by the ECOMAC SW.
This configuration allows stepwise washing of up to six columns.
Using the control software, it is possible to set the number of columns to be washed, the required flow rate, the rinsing time, and the maximum pressure limit. This enables a fully automatic process which will be stopped after all columns have been washed.

Control ECOMAC SW features and benefits:
•Intuitive operation
•Easy to install
•Records of pressure values on columns
•Setting of flow rate and wash time


The pump  
Flow rate ranges 0.001 ml/min – 10 ml/min
Pressure ranges 0 psi – 5800 psi (40 MPa, 400 bar)
Lowest and highest pressure limit setting function yes
Power supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 60 VA
Communication RS232, Ethernet (LAN), USB
The switching valve  
Switching valve type Selector with one inlet and six outlets
Max pressure 5000 psi (34 MPa, 340 bar)
Stator PAEK
Rotor Valcon E
Communication RS232, Ethernet (LAN), USB
Communication RS232,Ethernet (LAN),USB