HT300L HPLC Autosampler

For 110 vials of 2ml or 2.5ml; accurate full or partial loop fill injections

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The HPLC autosampler HT300L is an automatic sampler designed to operate with virtually any HPLC system.

The HPLC Autosampler incorporates an elegant swivel head that allows a manual injection and a special Rheodyne injection valve to give accurate full or partial loop fill injections.

Using an HPLC Syringe, the system mimics manual injections and eliminates the need for transfer lines — reducing the risk of sample carry-over.

The communication port of the sampler has a variety of input and output signals to ensure that it can interface with your system.

A large volume version for semi-prep HPLC applications or Flash Chromatography applications is also available.


Easy to Use:

The instrument is controlled by a user-friendly integrated keypad, or by a PC using the HT-COMSoft Software.

The HT300L HPLC autosampler is equipped with an unprecedented number of benefits. It is easy to use and yet allows the most sophisticated sampling techniques:

  • Syringe washes with sample or with solvent
  • Pull up strokes for bubble elimination
  • Controlled filling and injection speeds
  • Internal standard techniques.
  • Bar code reading is also available as an option.

Key Features:

  • Direct syringe injection minimizes dead volume and allows partial loop fills
  • Rotating head design leaves injection port free for manual injection
  • May be configured for left or right operation
  • Variable fill speed allows for wide range of sample viscosities
  • Optional syringe volumes optimized for specific applications
  • Comprehensive and easy control via keypad or PC


The HT300L has a Rheodyne valve with variable loop sizes depending on the application. The valve is automatically controlled and powered by the autosampler.

The tray of the autosampler may be configured in the right or left position. HT300L use a 110-position movable tray for vials of 2 and 2.5 ml. It uses syringes with volume from 10 to 100µl.


Analytical parameters are programmed using up to 10 methods. Any vial may be run using any method, programmed as a sequence.


Each method includes:

Volume Steps of 0.1µl
Mode Every inject, sample and step
Washes Up to 15
Injection speed 0.1 - 100µl
DRV Time 0.1 - 25mins
Mass 13.0kg
Dwell Time (before and after inject) 0 - 99secs
Int. STD Volume Steps of 0.1µl
DRV Volume Steps of 0.1µl; Up to 15 repetitions
Viscosity delay 0 - 15secs
Filling speed 0.1 - 100µl/sec
Bubble elimination Up to 15 pull up strokes
Sample volume Steps of 0.1µl
Dimensions W x H x D 600 x 520 x 400mm