Isocratic analytical system with detector Sapphire 600

For routine analysis at variable wavelength with high sensitivity

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 High effective system for routine analysis by constant flow rate of mobile phase 0,01 - 10 ml/min at variable wavelength from 190 up to 600 nm. It is possible to pre-set wavelength change during analysis. Sample is injected using manual injector, controlling and record of analysis is done by Chromatographic software ECOMAC.

Computer is not include but could be delivered separately.

Note: Software ECOMAC allows displaying, storage and export of data, but does not allow peaks shape calculation, calibration etc. If is need to use such functions, is it necessary add a SW to the system which allow it (for example Clarity). It is possible simple export data to any SW so there is not necessary buy A/D converter.

System contains:

Pcs Description P/N
1 ALPHA 10 Isocratic Pump PE000000
1 SAPPHIRE 600 UV-VIS Variable Wavelength DETECTOR 67SH000000
1 Analytical Injection Loop Valve D 54300000
1 External sample loop 20 ul SS 54293000
1 Column 250x4.6mm Kromasil 100-7um C18 CO-C25A7
1 Box for Bottles MF1 ZA000000
1 Mobil phase reservoir LCT 02, 1L 56940000
1 SS Mobile Phase Filter 2um, 1/8" JR-367008-2
1 705NR 50ul Hamilton Syringe 80565
1 ECOMAC Chromatographic software AF000000
2 Crossed serial cable 9pin RS 232 EKAB-024
3 Cable with converter RS232 - USB EKAB-025
1 Cable ECOMAC START + MARK - RS232 AF010000
1 Accessories for analytical system SE010100