OPAL Fixed Wavelength Detector

One fix wavelength given by chosen interference filter in range 200-600 mn. Interference filter determining wavelength is ordered separately.

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is a detector with an interference filter. By means of this filter can be this unit adjusted at one fixed wavelength in range of 200 – 600 nm. Noise level at 254 nm is ± 0.5 x 10-5 AU with an empty cell. (Filter is not include price)
The unit may be used for routine analytical chromatography as well as for preparative chromatography, according to the selected cell.
The unit is easy to operate, reference and sample signals are available for detector diagnostics as well as information on lamp operating hours.
Output signal is available in both digital and analogue form on the output connector. It is possible to control the unit using the keypad or an RS232 interface Connecting capillaries are led from the detector’s right side panel.
The detector is equipped with a high standard deuterium lamp in a special socket that enables easy changing. It is possible to change the interference filter by customer.


INTERFERENCE FILTERS AT STOCK (together with unit order requested filter)

Wavelength (nm) Spectral half width (nm) P/N
200 12 42444
214 12 42436
228 12 42443
254 12 42435
280 10 42437
313 10 42440
297 10 42442
340 10 42438
460 12 42441
560 10 42439

Other wavelength filters at request

Used cells

Analytical cell HPLC 08 (supplied with unit)

Volume / optical path 10 μl / 5 mm
Diameters of capillaries OD x ID input 1/16" x 0,2 mm; output 1/16" x 0,5 mm

Preparative cell PLCC 14 (optionally)

volume/optical path(adjustable) 45 μl / 0.1 mm, 55 μl / 1.4 mm, 70 μl / 2.4 mm
connecting tubing with OD = 1/16" and 1/8", thread ¼“-28


Wavelength range 200-600 nm
Light source Deuterium discharge lamp IST WL 24 198
Output for integrator 1 V/AU
Time constant (T90) Fast, middle and slow
Communication RS232
Power supply 100, 115 and 230V, 50/60 Hz
Power input 80 VA
Dimensions W x H x D 220 x 170 x 450 mm
Weight 8 kg
Noise level at empty cell (254 nm, TC 1 s) ± 0,5 x 10-5 AU
Drift at empty cell (254 nm after 1 h) 2x 10-4 AU/hr
Materials in contact with mobile phase PTFE; fused silica, stainless steel, Vespel, PEEK