Orca 2800 precise 2-channel 24bit A/D converter

A/D converter with Ethernet (LAN) interface with ECOMAC software

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Orca 2800 is precise external two channelsOrca 2800 is precise external two channels24bit A/D converter with two analog and four digitalinputs, four digital outputs and one support D/Aconverter. Communication interface is Ethernet(LAN) with DHCP, AutoIP or static IP settings.Excellent signal to noise ratio and choice ofsupported ranges and sampling rates allows use itfor signal conversion from high sensitive analyticaldevices not only in HPLC or UHPLC.Unit is calibrated and deliver with calibrationprotocol and this allows use it in regulatedenvironments (IQ, OQ, GAMP).Device is suitable for devices with analogoutput only. Also it can be used for control of simpledevices by digital outputs and analog output.

Software ECOMAC with full support of unit andSoftware ECOMAC with full support of unit andtool for configuration and searching device on LANare supplied with unit. Development libraries indifferent languages under LGPL license areaccessible on request. Full communication protocolis part of delivery.

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