Panda-30 Start + Mark - USB

Logical unit with 3 Molex inputs

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Panda-30 is logical unit with 3 inputs, which can be used for recording of logical events by computer in chromatographic system. Unit communicates with PC through USB interface. Power supply of unit is realized from USB and no need another power source. Panda-30 is fully supported by ECOMAC SW. Basic version of ECOMAC SW is part of delivery.

3 unit inputs are realized by 3 Molex connectors. These connectors can be used for connection of injection valves with starting contact. This connection is useful for starting/stopping of analysis. Simple pushbutton on input can be used for making marks of events due to analysis.

Sampling rate faster than 200 S/s allows very fast reaction and record of events in connected chromatographic system. Noise filtration is settable up to 255 ms.


Technical parameters:

Number of inputs 3
Sampling rate >200 S/s
Filtration range 5 - 255 ms by PC software
Reaction time <5 ms
Typical input events of ECOMAC SW none/start/mark/both on edge none/down/up/both
Maximal input voltage 50 V
Input LOW voltage 0 - 0.4 V
Input HIGH voltage 1.8 - 5 V
Communication interface USB
Typical power consumption from USB 20 mA
Dimensions (w x h x d) 48 x 28 x 64 mm
Weight 45 g