Panda 30HID input unit

Panda 30HID is logical unit with 3 inputs, which can be used for recording of logical events by computer in chromatographic system.
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Unit communicates with PC through USB interface. Driver installation is not required, because it is standard HID device. Power supply of unit is realized from USB and no need another power source. Unit is fully supported by ECOMAC and Clarity SW.

3 unit inputs are realized by 3 Molex connectors. These connectors can be used for connection of injection valves with
starting contact. This connection is useful for starting/stopping of analysis. Simple pushbutton on input can be used for making marks of events due to analysis. 
Input IN3 is analog and can be used for basic voltage measurement or allows custom setting of threshold voltage when it is used as digital input.
Sampling rate 100 S/s allows very fast reaction and record of events in connected chromatographic system. Noise filtration
is settable up to 255 ms by PC software.


Communication interface  USB 2.0 full speed (up to 12 Mb/s), general HID 
Device interface class  general HID 
Number of digital inputs  2 (IN1, IN2) 
Number of analog inputs  1 (IN3) 
Sampling rate  100 S/s 
Filtration range by ECOMAC SW  10–255 ms 
Typical input events by ECOMAC SW  none/start/mark/both on edge none/down/up/both 
Status indication  1x LED 
Power  5 V bus powered 
Power consumption  30 mA (typically) 
Dimensions (w x h x d)  48 x 28 x 64 mm 
Weight  47 g 
Analog input parameters (IN3)
Input organization  single-ended 
Polarity  positive only 
Conversion principle  approximation 
Resolution  12 bits 
Voltage range  4.0 V 
Input impedance  22 kΩ
Noise  ±2 mV (typical) 
Offset  ±6 mV (maximal)
Total error  0.3 % FS 
Threshold voltage by ECOMAC SW  0–4096 mV (optional hysteresis) 
State of opened input  internal pull-middle USB voltageinternal pull-middle USB voltage
(2.3–2.7 V)
Digital inputs parameters (IN1, IN2)
Polarity  positive only 
Maximal input voltage  5 V 
Input low voltage  0–0.4 V 
Input high voltage  1.8–5 V 
Input reference  ground 
State of opened input  internal pull-up (5 V)