Piston seal 1/8" U-R320HB(CC)-06-UP40-HST

For pumps  ECP 2010, Kappa, Alpha 10, Beta 10, VRS 15, 4020.3 and 4020.5

Part number

It is used in pumps with piston diameter 1/8" as main seal in working head.It is made from material PE, which has great resistance against puffers. It has very high wear resistance and highest extrusion resistance. 
If such chemical composition is not acceptable for you, we can offer seal from another material

As auxiliary seal is used in this type of pump the seal from virgin seal.(P/N 00508) 

By seal changing must the spring directed out of unit. 

For pumps  ECP 2010, Kappa, Alpha 10, Beta 10, VRS 15, 4020.3 and 4020.5