Pre column heater exchanger

Heat exchangers are suited for column ovens ECO20XX and are produced in different size for different maximal flow rate.
ECOM spol. s r.o.
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Suitable type of heat exchanger can be selected according to maximum nominal flowrate used in application, for most effective heat transfer of mobile phase and also minimal extra dead volume of the system.

Easy installation into the tempered space using one screw, included among unit accessories.
Use of a heat exchanger before the column is the most effective method for fast and even stabilization of temperature in column.
Internal volume (exchanger/capillaries) 6 / 19 μl
Maximal flow rate (nominal) 0.5 ml/min
Internal diameter of capillary 0.25 mm
Outer diameter of capillary 1/16“
Capillary length 300 / 90 mm
Fix screw (Torx T20) M4 x 16 mm
Maximum temperature 100 °C
Dimensions (diameter x height) 24 x 7 mm