Preparative External Cell PLCC19 EX PEEK

l=2.4 mm; tubing with OD 1/8" and thread 1⁄4”-28
External, for detectors TOY18DAD and ECD2800EX

ECOM spol. s r.o.
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 The path length of the cell is set to 2.4 mm. It is designed for preparative or flash applications and it is possible to connect it using capillaries with O.D.1/8" and thread 1/4"-28. Internal volume of preparative cell is 70 ul. Maximum flow rate is 500 ml/min.

The cell is assembled outside of the detector and it is connected with the unit using fiber optic cable. Therefore it is used in explosion or contamination hazard applications.

Volume/optical path length 70 µl/2.4 mm
Wetted materials PEEK, fused silica, PTFE
Maximal flow rate 500 ml/min.
Connecting thread capillaries with OD 1/8" or 1/16" and thread 1/4"-28
Maximum operating pressure 2 MPa
Weight 70 g