Preparative External High Flow Cell PLCC20 Plus

l=0.3mm; tubing with OD 1⁄2” and thread NPT 1⁄4”-18

Flow-rate up to 15L/min.

ECOM spol. s r.o.
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Is used in preparative and flash liquid chromatography with a high flow rate in the mobile phase. The cell is assembled outside of the detector and is connected with the unit using an optical fiber cable. Therefore it is used in explosion or contamination hazard applications.

The step-change of optical path length allows adjusting the cell according to the user’s needs. The shortest optical path length of the cell allows working with the very high optical denseness of liquids without flow rate limitation.

 The new design improves optical features, pressure endurance, and simpler construction making service easier.

 The maximum operating pressure of the flow cell is 5 MPa (725 PSI, 50 bar). Production final test is done at a pressure of 10 MPa (1450 PSI, 100 bar).

Olives with threads are removable from the cell body. This allows customers modifications for connecting to their flow system. The detector has to be placed outside of the explosion-hazard environment. It is not only for safety reasons but because of detector service which may need additional equipment. The length of fiber optics cables has to be determined before installation (cables are not part of delivery, they are ordered separately). Each ECOM’s detector which contains Ex in the name could be used with this cell

See more products on our website or contact us if you are looking for different cell parameters and materials. We are keen to design cells according to your needs. Also available in configurations made of certified bio-inert materials.

Volume/optical path length 60 ul / 0.3 mm
Material PTFE, fused quarts, SS
Outer diameter of capillary 1⁄4”
Maximal flow rate 15 L/min.
Connecting thread 7/16" - 20 UNF
Dimensions W x H x D 50 x 125 x 75 mm
Maximum operating pressure 5 MPa (725 PSI, 50 bar)
Weight 0.5 kg