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ELSD detectors are univerzal detectors which measures sample particles after solvent evaporation by using scattered light. This kind of detection is independent of optical properties of sample in contrast to UV detection. Analyte must be lower volatile than solvent. It is possible to detect compounds without chromophores like: saccharides, lipids, polymers, non-derivatized fat acids and amino acids, oils, surface active compounds, small molecules and unknown compounds whitout information about their structure. Response of detector is depending on quantity and it is mean that detector can be used for quantitative analysis without calibration. It can be used in gradient applications and it not depend on temperature in contrast of RI detectors.

Main features:

  • low evaporation temperature settings
  • choice of 6 nebulizers
  • easy validation and calibration
  • control options (keypad and display, RS232 - Clarity)
  • automated operations

Source of nebulizing gas is neccessary for detector operation. Air pressure can be used as nebulizing gas for non-explosive and on higher used temperature safe solvents (it can not be used for explosive THF and for solvents with higher fraction of organics). Air pressure can not be used for samples degrading by oxidation. Nitrogen is solution for other cases. Pressure cylinders can be used as gas source (expensive) or gas generators.

Next items is neccessary to order with detector: Gas regulator with filter and manometer for ELSD (for generator and pressure cylinder also).

Control Keypad and display, RS232,USB, external interface
Light source 10mW 405nm Laser (Class 3B)
Analog output 0-1 V
Weight 18.5 kg
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