Single-use Flow Cells Hose Series

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ECOM single-use flow cells with HOSE connection to piping systems. A cost-effective solution. The flow cells can be easily replaced by the customer after each use, or after a few uses, in the holder.

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ECOM single-use flow cell with HOSE connection is used for analyzing and monitoring the absorbance of liquids passing through the cell, where UV light is led from the detector and back using SMA 905 optical cables.
This is designed as a cost-effective solution for applications, where there is a need to use a new cell for each separation to avoid cross-contamination and where it is impossible to wash and re-use the cells. ECOM single-use cells with a favorable price can be easily replaced by the customer after each use, or after a few uses in the holder.

Pressure and temperature resistance: The flow cell is designed to withstand a maximum operating pressure of 30 MPa (4351 psi). Also, it is able to withstand high operating temperatures of up to +260 °C (500 °F), making it affordable for single-use applications.

Optical path length:
The cell is equipped with an inner insert made of PEEK material. This allows customers to choose the optical path length in advance. Different optical path lengths are available - from 0.05 mm to 10 mm - based on the selected type of flow cell.

Quality of the surface:
The internal flow-through hole of the cell is characterized by its high-quality processed surface. Its internal surface quality value is less than Ra 0.4. Thanks to that, these cells meet FDA certification for food and pharma industries for a wide variety of applications.

The cell‘s wetted materials are PEEK body and a sapphire window (which ensures high resistance). Other body materials available on request (stainless steel, polypropylene).

ECOM TCO single-use cells are designed for chromatography systems equipped with hose connectors with dimensions of 3/8″, ¾″, ¼″, ½″, and 1″. On customer request, the cells can be made with different connections: e.g. Tri-clamp, Luer Lock, Swagelok, etc.

A necessary component
for connecting the cell is the ECOM TCO01000 stainless-steel cell holder (to be ordered separately).

Features and Benefits

• A cost-effective solution – Single-use cells exchangeable in the holder
• Resistant to high pressures (30 MPa, 4351 psi) and high temperatures (up to +260 °C, 500 °F)
• Elimination of dead volume
• Good rinsing without cross-contamination of the sample
• Fulfillment of USP Class VI requirements
• FDA certification for food and pharma
• Resistant to caustics
• Wide range of optical path length options
• Compatible with ECOM external detectors (TOY18DAD EX and VEX, TOY20DAD EX and VEX, ECD EX)
• Certificate of Quality 3.1

Wetted materials PEEK, saphire glass
Body material PEEK, saphire glass. Others on request (stainless steel, polypropylene)
Maximum pressure 30 MPa, 4351 psi
Internal surface of pH cell less than Ra 0.4
Optical cables SMA 905 (not part of the product)