Test cell TD01

Test cell for ECDA detectors series.

Part number

Cell without windows designed for verification of correct detector operation, lamp ageing, and checking for cleanness of a cell.

When is Test cell used?

Test cell is used for resolution between problems with detector operation and problems with cell, cell cleanness or cell content (too much absorbing solvents/samples) by replacing working cell with Test cell. Light intensity before cell (REFER) and after cell (SAMPLE) are used for this decision. These values were set-up to 100%/1000 mV with new lamp on maximum signal wavelength (near 240 nm) with Test cell inserted. If signal in software, recorder or on display is correct with Test cell then problems is not with detector operation, but with cell (cleanness, content, ...).


Volume/optical path length n/a / 5 mm
Casing dimensions 54 x 28 x 70 mm
Weight 92 g
Filename Type
Info-ECD2000_flow_cells-en-03.pdf pdf (273,84 KB)