1000 ml/min ECP201L Preparative Pump

15MPa 1000 ml/min Pressure Comp. Learning New Product

Preparative HPLC pump with a flow rate range of up to 1000 ml/min. 


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The ECP201L Preparative Pump is an innovative, powerful, and cost-effective unit for preparative liquid chromatography where high pressure is needed. The pump with 4 low-pressure valves delivers a flow rate of up to 1000 ml/min at a very high output pressure of up to 15 MPa (2176 psi).

Main features and benefits

  • Durability – The pump is constructed for high pressure and flow rates. This makes it suitable for day-to-day long-term use in production
  • Wide application possibilities – The unit is used for pharmaceutical separations and plant extract purification, such as cannabinoids, peptides, and oligonucleotides. Also, it has much wider use in other chemical production, such as dosing into chemical reactors, and in various laboratory uses. Another advantage is the usability of the same device for separation method development.
  • Smart controls and diagnostics – It is easy to operate, especially with ECOMAC and Clarity software. This makes unit management powerful and convenient. The basic version of the ECOMAC software is available free of charge. It is also used for service and diagnostics.
  • Other useful features
    • A new learning algorithm for pulsation suppression
    • A leakage sensor
    • A seal wash kit for longer piston seal life
    • Also available in configurations made of certified bio-inert materials
Flow rate 1– 1000 ml/min
Maximum operating pressure 15 MPa up to 1000 ml/min
Flow rate setting 1 ml/min steps
Repeatability of flow rate adjusting ± 1 %
Accuracy of flow rate setting ± 2 %
Wetted materials stainless steel, PEEK, TefzelTM, PE, ceramic, seals
Communication RS232,Ethernet (LAN),USB,Remote digital I/O
Power supply 100-240V VAC
Power input 500 VA
Dimensions W x H x D 276 x 153 x 620 mm (10.87 x 6.14 x 24.40 in)
Weight 26 kg (57.32 lb)
Pressure Compensation Learning yes